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“I am committed to developing policy that fosters job-growth and ensures a reliable and affordable energy supply. North American energy production is vital to ensuring a steady supply of affordable and reliable energy in West Tennessee and across the country.” – Congressman David Kustoff

Energy Innovation:

  • There have been tremendous advancements in technology and innovation, and the United States has entered a new era of energy abundance with the discovery and production of game-changing oil and natural gas reserves, as well as exciting advancements in renewable energy sources.
  • I believe in an “all of the above” approach in creating an energy plan that focuses on existing and emerging energy technologies that keep costs low and energy affordable for West Tennessee families and businesses.


  • H.R. 2910, the Promoting Interagency Coordination for Review of Natural Gas Pipelines Act: This legislation increases transparency and accountability and promotes better coordination among agencies involved when reviewing interstate natural gas pipelines.
  • H.R. 2883, the Promoting Cross-Border Energy Infrastructure Act: This bill establishes a predictable and transparent process to permit the construction of cross-border pipelines and electric facilities
  • H.J. Res. 44, the Bureau of Land Management Planning 2.0 Rule: This legislation repeals the Planning 2.0 rule that diluted local and state input into land management decisions. By repealing this harmful rule, we took power back from bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and no longer allow radical environmental groups to insert their agenda into critical Resource Management Plans.

For more information concerning work and views related to Energy, please contact our office.