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Congressman David Kustoff

Representing the 8th District of Tennessee

National Security and Defense

“I believe the safety and security of the American people should be our first priority. We must maintain a proactive stance in deterring threats and fight against bad actors that decide to take arms against our nation. – Congressman David Kustoff

Building a Stronger Military:

  • I support growing our nation’s military so that they are able to answer the call of duty. Further, we need to make sure our servicemen and women have the assets needed to protect them while engaging in combat and provide them with the services they deserve when they return home.

National Defense Authorization Act.

  • I proudly voted in favor of the fiscal year (FY) 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, which passed the House 344-81. Our servicemen and woman make the ultimate sacrifice for our security, and I will keep my promise to provide them with the tools they need to safely and efficiently carry out their noble work.
  • With the goal of maximizing our forces, NDAA provided $621.5 billion for base spending and answered the Army, Navy and Air Force’s requests for thousands of additional personnel. This legislation also allowed for well-deserved pay raises and improved health care services for our military. Finally, it modernized our military equipment and increases missile defense funds by $2.5 billion to help ensure we can protect our homeland from threats posed by long-range missiles.

Sanctions Against Hostile Regimes:

  • As a Member of the Terrorism and Illicit Finance subcommittee on the Financial Services Committee, we have held multiple hearings to discuss the current sanctions regimes against Iran, North Korea, and Russia. As our adversaries continue to become more technologically advanced, we have a duty to crack down on that aggression and use the tools at our disposal to target those who financially support these actions.

Fighting Against Terrorism:

  • I proudly supported the Russian, Iran and North Korea Sanctions Act, which passed the House passed 419-3. This legislation increases the Congressional oversight of Russian sanctions and codifies into law, the existing sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine and inference in the 2016 election. In addition, I voted in favor of the Make America Secure Act, which provides much needed funding to our military in their efforts to deter and defeat terrorist organizations.